I dig these stripes: My finished crochet basket

I’ve finally finished my crochet basket!  Cool spiral stripes.  Contemporary black and grey palette. And my favourite chunky zpaghetti yarn.  J’adore! For this basket I followed a pattern from Molla Mills’ Modern Crochet.  I was debating adding handles (a skill I still very much need to perfect!) but in the end I opted for a wide band of black at the top that can also … Continue reading I dig these stripes: My finished crochet basket

Books: Modern Crochet by Molla Mills

Molla Mills might just be my crochet guru for 2016. Her fun and contemporary designs take crochet onto a whole new level for me. I was given her book, Modern Crochet for my birthday and on first glance I really wasn’t sure whether, as a beginner, I’d be able to manage the designs. I mean yes I’ve been flirting with the world of crochet for a while, … Continue reading Books: Modern Crochet by Molla Mills

Knitting: A cosy cowl

I finished my knitted cowl last week! I’m so so happy because it feels like a win on multiple levels: I’ve finished a project, and quite quickly, I’ve used up most of the wool I bought at the Knitting and Stitching Show AND I used my brand new circular knitting needles to do it! Triple threat craft win! Despite slightly guessing the size the cowl … Continue reading Knitting: A cosy cowl

WIP: knitting and crochet

I started a few longer term projects at the start of Jan. I think I was pining for duvet days and so the cosiness of knitting and embroidery really appealed to me! I had also received some lovely zpaghetti yarn from Minerva crafts for an upcoming craft project and I had loads left so I wanted to try a larger project. Knitting I’m currently using … Continue reading WIP: knitting and crochet

DIY: Chunky Crochet Necklace

Today I’m sharing my latest make for Minerva Crafts Blogger Network : a chunky crochet necklace using zpagetti yarn.  January has been so so very cold – and I’ve been exhausted pretty much every day (I’m sure it wasn’t as bad last year??).  I’ve been wearing layer upon layer and spending as much time wrapped up in a blanket as is humanely possible (luckily series like … Continue reading DIY: Chunky Crochet Necklace

Some very awesome circular knitting needles

Circular knitting needles have been on my to – buy list for months but I had kept putting it off because of sizing – what’s the point of buying a random size of needle without knowing what you’re making? And then in terms of choosing projects and buying tools I always want to get the most use from my investment. In a craft blog club chat … Continue reading Some very awesome circular knitting needles

Cosy up with this free cable knit scarf pattern

I used to tremble at the words cable knit – there were so many gorgeous patterns I came across, ooh’ed and aah’ed over before realising cable knit was involved and running for the hills.  The silly thing is I didn’t even really look into what cable knit was.  I simply assumed it was far too complex for a beginner like myself and fled.  However winter … Continue reading Cosy up with this free cable knit scarf pattern

Minerva Crafts and macrame!

I have exciting news to announce – I’m now contributing to the Minerva Crafts Blogger Network! My first post is now up and takes you through making your own Macrame Hanging planter using gorgeous Zpaghetti yarn. You can see the full post here: Hanging Macrame Planter DIY on Minerva Crafts The lovely folks at Minerva Crafts also interviewed me about my crafting habits, first makes and … Continue reading Minerva Crafts and macrame!

Making Lately: Weddings and Bag Tags and Knitting OH MY!

There’s now less than two months until my wedding – so me and the boy are both really trying to get our to-do lists moving so that the final few weeks can be exciting rather than frantic.  Work has also been pretty intense recently with Alchemy Festival and Web We Want  on the way (click the links to see the wonderful, crazy arts stuff I spend my … Continue reading Making Lately: Weddings and Bag Tags and Knitting OH MY!

Sheepish Heart Bomb – spread some love this Valentines

Two marvelous things have happened due to my new obsession with Bloglovin and dedication to spending more time reading and commenting on other blogs I love. Firstly I’ve learnt to crochet hearts!! Cute, simple, super quick hearts. You can make them by the handful… which is exactly what I did!! I used this fab tutorial from Everything Etsy Then I happened to glance over at … Continue reading Sheepish Heart Bomb – spread some love this Valentines

Crafternoon How-To: French knitted knotted necklace

Ok firstly can we just enjoy the alliterative tongue twistery feeling of ‘French Knitted Knotted Necklace’!! Say it ten times as fast as you can before trying this tutorial 😉 I love a little bit of french knitting.  It’s really relaxing as it’s so repetitive and quick so it can make a nice change from working on a larger knitted project. The problem I’ve always … Continue reading Crafternoon How-To: French knitted knotted necklace

5 reasons to knit on trains

Knitting is trains is cool! And awesome for so many reasons. Here are 5 of the best 1. It fills and kills time. Got a 5 hour train ahead of you? Knit your way though it! Just been delayed by half an hour? Whip out those needles and make the most of the extra time! All delay related travel-stress worries are instantly banished! 2. It’s … Continue reading 5 reasons to knit on trains

Craft Clear Out Time

It’s always around this time of year that I start getting terrible guilt about my ever expanding craft supplies… and how they’re organised… or the lack thereof.  I’m a fairly messy person at the best of times (in a beautiful chaos kind way rather than door blocking hoarder… I hope), and I’m very very open about how terrible I am at any kind of packing, … Continue reading Craft Clear Out Time

Have yourself a very crafty Christmas!

It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!  And the possibilities for a crafty, handmade Christmas are endless – just bound over to Pinterest, ring those jingle bells and before you know it you’ll be elbow deep in glittered, knitted, painted, folded, beaded, and sugared loveliness! Bring on the mulled wine, let’s all cover our homes with ribbon and glitter and tinsel and beautifully spray … Continue reading Have yourself a very crafty Christmas!